January acupuncture

Hello everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed a lovely holiday season! The Neijing Suwen*, an important ancient text of Traditional Chinese Medicine, discusses the importance of rest during the winter months. Just as many plants go deep within during our cold rainy season, we can benefit from taking the opportunity to introspect, rest, and renew.


Below is my availability for January for acupuncture at the Saturna Medical Clinic.

Friday January 5

Monday, Jan 8

Fri Jan 12

Fri Jan 19

Mon Jan 22

*A short reading from the Neijing Suwen (Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine), estimated to have been penned between 221 BCE and 206BCE:
"During the winter months all things in nature wither, hide, return home, and enter a resting period, just as lakes and rivers freeze and snow falls. This is a time when yin dominates yang. Therefore one should refrain from overusing the yang energy. Retire early and get up with the sunrise, which is later in winter."

Many thanks for your ongoing support.


In health,

Mareena Dufault, RAc

Saturna Acupuncture in December

Dear friends of White Bear Medicine,

My first month working at the Saturna Medical Clinic as the island's Registered Acupuncturist flew by! The island brought me some challenging cases that sent me back to my books for refreshers and new research. (Which, for a medico-phile, is a wonderful thing!)

I am happy to share that my bi-weekly Mondays were busy enough to expand my offerings and I will now be available by appointment every Friday as well.

Following in my availability for December at the Saturna Medical Clinic. Click here to book your appointment and share this post with anyone whom you think might benefit.

Thank you for your support! 

Friday December 1st

Monday Dec 4

Fri Dec 8

Fri Dec 15

Mon Dec 18

Fri Dec 22

Healthy recipe for December:

Try this 5-minute recipe for Immune-boosting, soul-soothing Golden Milk!

Saturna Medical Clinic


Acupuncture is now available at the Saturna Medical Clinic! 

Mareena will be seeing patients by appointment every other Monday.  Her next clinic day is on Monday November 13th. 

Mareena offers her services on a sliding scale of $60-$100 per treatment and can provide receipts.

For more information, read the News release in the latest issue of the Scribbler or visit the Saturna Island Community Website at saturnacan.net! 


Autumn Acupuncture

Dear friends of White Bear Medicine,

As autumn approaches, my time working as a boat captain for Cetus Research & Conservation Society is coming to a close. I look forward to resuming regular clinic activities as a Registered Acupuncturist in September.

White Bear Medicine is a fully mobile health clinic specializing in acupuncture, special event collaborations, and one-to-one health coaching. My mobile territory includes Southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. I am currently offering mobile private sessions (i.e. house calls) on Saturna Island once weekly. I am hoping to offer some new sound and community acupuncture collaborations in the Gulf Islands and looking for collaborators to organize and offer some fall events with me.

Please follow my Facebook page for clinic updates and Contact Me if you are interested in requesting a clinic in your area or creating a collaboration together.

In health,

Mareena Dufault, BScH, RAc

Summer Projects and Clinic Break

To all current and future acupuncture clients,

I have been offered a dream job for the summer season with Cetus Research & Conservation Society running one of their Straightwatch vessels. (Did you know I was a sea captain as well as an acupuncturist? 😎) I look forward to participating in public education and research-based efforts to protect biodiversity, notably that of the resident and transient killer whales that grace our coastal waters. 

I will not be working my regular Sunday shift at Heart & Hands Health Collective during the summer months. I hope to resume offering Community Acupuncture in Victoria in September, including Acu-Sonic offerings. Follow me on Facebook or fill out the Contact Form to receive news of future clinic offerings.

Please note that I am currently accepting requests for collaborations and clinics starting in October.

I would like to thank the team and clients at Heart & Hands Health Collective for their understanding and support. We must all follow our bliss!

Wishing you a happy and healthful summer season!

Mareena Dufault, BScH, RAc

Come see Mareena on Sundays at Heart & Hands!


Mareena is now a regular acupunk at Heart & Hands Health Collective! She is available to provide sliding-scale community-style acupuncture treatments to the public on Sundays and other days when she subs at the collective. Payment is on a sliding-scale basis and the acupunks work as a team to provide care up to seven days a week!* To book an acupuncture treatment with Mareena, please use the Heart and Hands online booking system or visit their website.

To see updates and promotions for Mareena at Heart & Hands, follow us on social media:

Mareena is now offering Community Acupuncture at Heart & Hands!

Hi Friends,

There are some important changes happening at White Bear Medicine starting in February.

I will be offering community acupuncture* at Heart & Hands Health Collective for the months of February and March.

To book your treatment online visit https://heartandhands.janeapp.com
or call the office at 250-590-3185

*The major differences:
1) Fees for community acupuncture are lower than for a private session or for mobile services. Treatment at Heart & Hands costs $20-50 sliding scale (+$10 paperwork fee first visit).
*$10 paperwork fee for NEW clients waived for Mareena's shifts!

2) The community setting provides high volume acupuncture in a supportive group setting at sliding scale rates. Conversation is whispered and kept to a minimum to maximize the peace, quiet and napping.

3) The community setting implements a distal balancing method to select your points, so expect your points to be limited to below the elbows and knees as well as head and ears.

In February, I am seeing patients from 3-7pm (last appointment or drop in at 6:20pm) on:
Thu Feb 2
Tue Feb 7
Thu Feb 9
Tue Feb 28

I will be available in March for the afternoon shifts on Mondays and Saturdays starting March 6.

November Promotions

Free Herbal Consultation*

Herbal medicines are a wonderful adjunct to acupuncture. They extend and deepen the therapeutic benefits of your acupuncture treatment. We are offering free herbal consultations as an add-on* to any acupuncture service during the month of November.

*Herbal consultations must be requested when the acupuncture session is booked so that we can allow extra time for this service.  Please note that the cost of herbs is not included in your consultation. The purchase of herbs is not required.