Please visit our FAQ section for a list of health concerns that can be treated by acupuncture.

Saturna Acupuncture

Mareena is available, by appointment, to see clients on Saturna Island.

PRivate Mobile Acupuncture

We can provide acupuncture in private settings (house-calls, pop-up clinics) on a case-by-case basis.

community Acupuncture

The community setting provides high volume acupuncture in a supportive group setting at sliding scale rates. Conversation is whispered and kept to a minimum to maximize peace, quiet, and rest.

We can help you set up a regular acupuncture clinic in your community! Please contact us to discuss your needs and request a personalized quote.

group Acupuncture Collaborations

Acupuncture combines magically with other therapeutic modalities and art forms. A collaboration can take many forms; follow your vision! Including a group acupuncture session in an event helps to soothe the nervous systems of the participants and allows them to move deeper into their experience by encouraging presence, relaxation and release at all levels of mind-body-spirit. We can also provide receipts for insurance purposes, making part or all of your event reimbursable for your participants!

Please note: We feel blessed by opportunities to collaborate with other visionaries. We know how challenging it is to try something new and want to help you align with your soul work! Our fee agreement is flexible for first time events.

health coaching


Holistic nutrition is an effective way to take control of your health and harmonize your digestion, soothe your skin, sleep better, and more! We will work with you to make minor or major changes to your diet, whenever you are ready.


There are numerous methods for self-healing available to us and our digital world is helping awareness of them spread. What is appropriate for you? During each self-heal lesson we will discuss a primary health concern, look at your personal health history, and we will offer you a holistic diagnosis. We will offer you 1-2 self-heal methods that are appropriate for you. We will then do a demo/lesson together for the (1) self-heal method you choose to work with.

Mobile clinics

White Bear Medicine continues to offer mobile clinics! We encourage all past and new clients to try hosting a Community Acupuncture or co-create a Group Acupuncture Collaboration. Depending on your location, services requested, and number of participants, it can cost significantly less per person than if you purchase a private treatment from a typical acupuncture clinic.

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